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For over years, NEWTRONIC ICDAS software has been favored by test chamber operators for its reliability and ease. Now the same ease of operation is available remotely via a web browser. We have developed the ICDAS2.1 Web based software to meet the increasing demands for improved operational efficiencies. The Web base software adds additional capabilities for datalogging, programming, and new features such as alarm notification via SMS and email.


  • Truly innovative data handling and communication options
  • True Plug & Play fashion via ethernet to connect local or plant networked PC's
  • One can view LIVE system parameters and historical graphs, as well as receive emailed alarms, reports or datalog files
  • Settings with just a standard web browser
  • Access live or stored data remotely within the facility (LAN) or from anywhere in the world
  • System status reports and datalog files can be emailed alarm notification via cell phone text message ,email

Key Features


  • Server-based; Web-based Software accessible through Browser
  • Installation that is one-time for Lifetime! Eliminate the need for multiple software installation & qualifications!

Safe & Secure

  • Automatic & Manual daily data backup facility. Automatic data backup can be done both, remotely & locally
  • Additional features of Data Archival & Data Restore

Data Management

  • GO PAPERLESS!! e-Review, e-Approval, e-Signature, e-Comments of: Data Logs | Alarms | Audit Trails
  • Multi-level data authorization (through e-review & e-approval)
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails of Alarms, User activity, Equipment settings, email & SMS generation
  • Stay Audit-Ready every single day through Supervisory Email facility!
  • Run-time calculation of MKT
  • Real-time display of all connected equipment in single screen

Other Features

  • Viewing I/O Status & Running Hours of all major components. Component running hours to determine the shelf-life of major components
  • Centralized user-defined Alarms, Alerts & Notifications through SMS & emails
  • System Diagnosis for troubleshooting via Team Viewer
  • Software to keep you USFDA 21 CFR Part 11 Ready


  • Configure multiple user-groups (Operator, Supervisor, Admin, etc)
  • Department-wise segregation of users, equipment & data
  • Plant-wide harmonization of reporting format (header, footer, etc.)
  • Configure the type & no. of alarms to be sent via email/SMS & configure delay time too

Software Architecture

Web-based logging & Realtime Monitoring system

Faster Set-up | Lower Cost | Better Results

  • Fully compliant & easier to use
  • Large Memory
  • Simple configuration with multiple sensors on serial link
  • 24/7 alarms for immediate notification of out-of-specification
  • Helps you to meet accreditations & all major regulatory requirements
  • Web-based software 21 CFR Part 11 ready
  • Versatile PC linkup via LAN, USB
  • System-wide traceability & secured data transfer
  • Multiple parameters

Features & Software

  • Large 7" color touch screen display
  • 16 probes interface, each probe with 2 sensors
  • 8 Digital inputs | Large storage capacity
  • Ethernet connectivity | USB connectivity
  • RS-485 connectivity for probes | Audio hooter
  • Analogue gauges and bar graphs for viewing from distance
  • SMS alert facility | 4 different groups

Complete secure solutions

Compliance with strict regulatory guidelines and quality requirement demands accurate measurement, secure data, comprehensive reporting and alarms notification unlike any other product.
NECLOG provides variety of physical parameter to be logged, reported and alarm notification. Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure, CO2 etc. parameters can be monitored and logged on long term basis.
Neclog is one of the unique solution with many advantages as easy-to-use, cost effective, high-accuracy solution for mapping critical and FDA-regulated environments from stability chambers to freezers and warehouses.
Simple configuration and connection of multiple sensors on serial link makes it easy to use and hassle free.
On line data on base unit and on PC allows to track performance in real time.
NECLOG maintains all data and events in secure files, providing tamperproof security with presentation ready reports to meet 21 CFR Part 11.

Software Architecture

Online Software Support

The efficiency of systems and processes can be significantly increased via a comprehensive energy optimisation.

  • In collaboration with our technical specialists, we'll select the most efficient system for your test applications
  • Customised equipment is developed and designed for specific user requirements
  • By considering the complete system on-site e.g. testing facility, measuring devices and heat exchangers, we can tap into the full potential
  • We will then determine the cost savings of your existing equipment
  • New equipment operates within the optimal range thanks to efficient components and smart control

Future Innovation

Test chambers are machinery and machinery can't be left to run without regular professional servicing. Without proper care, test chambers often fail, causing inconvenience and reducing cost-effectiveness. Some older test chambers must also be checked annually for gas leaks,

  • Preventative maintenance contracts tailored to your needs, consisting of one or two scheduled visits per year with additional breakdown visits free of charge
  • Experienced, qualified service engineers with up-to-date certification
  • Parts-inclusive contracts
  • 24 hour call out availability
  • traceable calibration during service visits