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Photostability chambers are specifically designed to perform near UV and visual light testing with fluorescent lamps per ICH Q1B Guidelines, Option 2. This unit controls light and temperature conditions through an easy-to-use color touch-screen interface. Uniform light distribution and high intensity levels allow quick response for forced degradation testing and confirmatory studies. The confirmatory studies should identify precautionary measures needed in manufacturing or in formulation of the product, and if light resistant packaging is needed.

At the end of the exposure period, the samples should be examined for any changes in physical properties (e.g., appearance, clarity, or colour of solution) and for assay degradation.

NEWTRONIC chambers are fully controlled via the PLC with features such as alarms for aging lamps, auto-switch off of UV lights upon door opening. Specular reflective surfaces provide uniform UVA & VIS light reflection and maintain proper SPD (spectral power distribution). Additionally, the chamber also provides precise humidity control.

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  • High-speed data transfer
  • Significantly faster than serial(RS-485) communication
  • Global standard for communication protocol
  • No need for a separate PC interface
  • Data Operations from any PC over the LAN


  • Complete Operations driven through PLC
  • No Data Loss: Data Storage of upto 1000 readings on the PLC itself
  • At an interval of 30 mins, data upto 20 days is stored on the PLC itself
  • Facility to send emails directly from the PLC


  • All operations through a single 4" Color touch screen display
  • PLC IP Address setting
  • Component Working Hours
  • Standby system change over
  • Password protection for set values and calibration mode


  • When an alarm is triggered, an e-mail is sent to the registered PC or mobile address
  • *connection to a mail server is required to use e-mail alert.


  • Mobile alert system
  • Time of alarm transmission
  • Name of equipment
  • Transmitted message(Equipment name, alarm time,type of alarm & limits)


  • Temperature Overshoot/Undershoot
  • Humidity Overshoot
  • Low water-level
  • Delay Timer to safeguard the Compressor
  • MCB to cut-off over-current supply
  • Standby Controlling Sensor upon failure of Primary
  • In Walk-in chambers door can be open from inside
  • Emergency Bell switch inside the Chamber


  • IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Calibration certificates
  • Operations & maintanance manuals
  • GA & Electrical drawings
  • Material test certificates
  • Training to end-users


  • 21 CFR Part 11 Ready
  • Single software suitable for upto 20 equipments
  • Automatic daily data back-up
  • Alarm logs. Alarm acknowledgement with e-signatures
  • Audit trails
  • MKT Calculations
  • Graphical viewing & data trending
  • Data export in pdf format


  • Mobile Alert system
  • Time of Alarm transmission
  • Name of Equipment
  • Transmitted Message (Equipment Name, Alarm time, Type of Alarm & Limits)
Temperature Range 10°C to 40°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1°C
Double walled with PUF insulation Interior & Exterior SS 304. Interior is provided with mirror finish
Stainless Steel trays Full-length inner glass door, metal door with gasket & lock on the outside
Forced air circulation for uniform temperature PU wheels for easy movement
Fluorescent tube light fitted in the centre of the chamber to provide illumination & produce visible light measured in lux UV light of wavelength 365nm (measured in watt/sq. m.) fitted on top of the chamber
U-shaped SS tubular heaters CFC free cooling system consisting of hermetically sealed compressor coupled with evaporation coil & condenser
Complete Operations driven through PLC with data logging capacity of upto 1000 readings & email facility High speed Ethernet based communication
All operations through a single 4" Color Touch Screen High-quality PT-100 Temperature sensor
Safety devices: Low & high temperature cut-off settable thermostats Safety thermostat switches off the lights upon temperature overshoot.
Automatic switch off of UV lights upon door opening Audio/Visual alarms for deviations
Complete with DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ & SOP & Maintenance Manua

Power supply: 230/415 volts 50 Hz main supply. Also available with 60 Hz Cycle.
ICDAS - A Common Software suitable for 20 nos. Newtronic make equipments Door Access system (Numeric or Biometric)
LUX and UV meter-Hand held or Real-time measurement by inbuilt sensor Mobile Alert system
Remote alarm system suitable for 4 nos. Newtronic make equipments
Models Capacity Internal Chamber External Chamber Tray Size Trays Trays size Weight(Kg)
Cuft. Litres HxWxD (mm) HxWxD (mm) Qty. (mm) Equip. Ship.
NLPS4SI 4 100 450x450x480 925x700x690 1 410x440 125 220
NLPS8SI 8 227 600x630x600 1410x790x1005 1 580x560 175 250
*NLPSH8SI 8 227 600x630x600 1410x790x1005 1 580x560 175 250

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