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Newtronic -86°C Ultra low Temperature Freezers are developed for reliable storage conditions of research samples for laboratories, hospitals repositories and more through research and development. A new focus has been placed on our refrigeration systems , control alarms/monitoring , ergonomics , construction and energy efficient operations to make our freezers the reliable solution for long storage of cancer cell , stem cells , cord blood, t cells , organ/tissue and other samples.

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Targeted Refrigerators :

The new generation of ultra -low temperature refrigerators system can ensure fast refrigeration

Five magic weapons for energy saving :

Imported high-efficiency compressor + separated evaporator = composite heat exchanger + optimized fractional condensation & separation system = high efficiency thermal insulation system can save energy and reduce power consumption for the freezer by 40%.

Low Noise Design:

Low noise direct cooling circuit + suspension frame & sound absorption compartment & low noise fan can reduce noise generated by entire freezer to large extent.

Three dimensional Thermal Insulation :

The six sides of the cabinet are made from high efficiency VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate and the thermal insulated designer of the inner door are made from foaming material which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the freezer.

High efficiency insulation with VIP plus technology for optimum storage :

This revolutionary vacuum insulation panel reduces the wall thickness by approximately one half and achieves up to 30% more storage capacity than conventional insulated freezer , maximizing storage capacity and saving valuable lab space just as importantly , the advanced thermal insulation properties of VIP PLUS improve the energy of VIP freezer for lower running cost per sample.

Vaccum release port :

Vaccum release formation enabling the outer door to be easily opened at any time.

Mobile alert system

Remote Monitoring system

Low power consumption

The combination of enhanced technology and design with additional vacuum insulation coverage has reduced the Power Consumption by 23% .

Uniformity Test

NEWTRONIC Freezer has excellent Uniformity under normal operating condition It ensure that samples stored in the chamber is subjected to same temperature condition Additionally the freezer has fast recovery time upon the door opening event & ensure that the temperature pills down very quickly.

Extended warm up time during a power/freezer failure

Warm up time measures the time taken for temperature to rise up (from -80°C to -10°C) When there is power failure / freezer is interrupted With a robust insulation and back up system in place NEWTRONIC ULT FREEZER has the best warm up time among other makers .

Data storage

USB data storage function can store relevant storage operating data which can be downloaded and checked , ensuring improved security and reliability of sample storage.

Human –oriented

The new designed assisting handle and vacuum release to open and close the outer door. The inner made from stainless steel 304 for medical use is low temperature tolerant and corrosion resistant , which has long service life and is easy to clean.

Thermal Insulation System

the two layer heat insulation foamed door with inner and outer seal and the insulation design of the outer door system can prevent loss of refrigerating capacity in an effective way the six side of the cabinet are made from high performance VIP vacuum insulation material improving performance to large extent .

PLC ( Newtronic )

USB data storage function can store relevant operating data which can downloaded and checked , ensuring improved security and reliability of sample storage .

Supplies for Cryo preservation

Inventory racks /boxes for cryopreservation are optional .

Refrigerator System

The improved high efficiency compressor and EBM fan are energy swing and highly efficient The large fins = 2mm , providing effective heat dissipation.

Temperature Range -60°C to -86°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 3°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 10°C
Double walled with 80mm PUF insulated modular panels with easy on-site assembly VIP Plus high efficiency insulation with VIP PLUS technology for optimum storage
SS 304 Interior of SS304 & Exterior of Powder Coated G.I. Stainless Steel Trays - Stainless Steel Compartments

Power supply: 230/415 volts 50 Hz main supply. Also available with 60 Hz Cycle.
ICDAS - A Common Software suitable for 20 nos. Newtronic make equipments Mobile Alert system
Remote alarm system suitable for 4 nos. Newtronic make equipments
Capacity Internal Size External Size
No. of Compartment
Approx. Weight (Kg)
CuFt Litre (H X W X D) mm (H X W X D) mm
NLUF04MI 4 100 514 X 450 X 439 820 X 1066 X 742 2 145
NLUF07MI 7 200 767 X 470 X 570 1552 X 840 X 940 2 205
NLUF14MI 14 398 1266 X 404 X 696 1947 X 788 X 1041 2 252
NLUF19MI 19 528 1266 X 585 X 696 1947 X 930 X 1041 2 286
NLUF23MI 23 678 1286 X 750 X 696 1955 X 1090 X 1025 4 330
NLUF27MI 27 778 1286 X 865 X 696 1955 X 1205 X 1025 4 380
NLUF30MI 30 858 1378 X 877 X 696 2005 X 1217 X 1025 4 390
NLUF36MI 36 1008 1378 X 1022 X 696 2002 X 1362 X 1025 4 430

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