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B.O.D. stands for Bacteriological Oxygen Demand. NEWTRONIC's BOD Incubators are ideal for the growth & storage of bacterial cultures, gentle incubation & conditioning and Media Preparation.

Media Prepartion & Culture growth at temperatures of 22.5°C (±2.5°C) & 32.5°C (±2.5°C) have become a standard practice in any Microbiology or ARD labs.

The chambers ensure consistent performance at any temperature within a range of 5°C to 60°C at an accuracy of ±0.5°C & at an uniformity of ±1°C.

The chambers are provided with a glass door for sample viewing & quick retrieval. They are connected through Ethernet to state-of-the-art 21 CFR Part 11 ready software that provide tools for viewing, trending, alarm management, audit trails, MKT & many other such features so as to comply with regulatory guidelines.

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  • High-speed data transfer
  • Significantly faster than serial(RS-485) communication
  • Global standard for communication protocol
  • No need for a separate PC interface
  • Data Operations from any PC over the LAN


  • Mobile alert system
  • Time of alarm transmission
  • Name of equipment
  • Transmitted message(Equipment name, alarm time,type of alarm & limits)


  • Temperature & Deviations
  • Door Opening
  • Component Failure
  • Mains Failure


  • Temperature Overshoot/Undershoot
  • Delay Timer to safeguard the Compressor
  • MCB to cut-off over-current supply
  • Emergency Bell switch inside the Chamber


  • Time of Alarm transmission
  • Name of Equipment
  • Transmitted message(Equipment name, alarm time,type of alarm & limits)


  • IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Calibration certificates
  • Operations & maintanance manuals
  • GA & Electrical drawings
  • Material test certificates
  • Training to end-users


  • 21 CFR Part 11 Ready
  • Single software suitable for upto 20 equipments
  • Automatic daily data back-up
  • Alarm logs. Alarm acknowledgement with e-signatures
  • Audit trails
  • MKT Calculations
  • Graphical viewing & data trending
  • Data export in pdf format
Temperature Range 10°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1°C
Double walled with 80mm PUF insulated modular panels with easy on-site assembly System is made up of split type condenser unit in well-ventilated area to avoid throw of hot air in the room
SS 304 Interior & Exterior either SS 304 or Powder Coated G.I. Stand by humidity system
Stainless Steel Trays Complete Operations driven through PLC with data logging capacity of upto 1000 readings & email facility
Observation window - 300 x 300 mm High speed Ethernet based communication
Illuminated working area All operations through a single 4" Color Touch Screen
U-shaped SS tubular heaters High-quality German Make temperature humidity sensor with 4-20mA output
Flooring of Linoleum carpet Safety devices: Low & High temperature cut-off settable thermostats & high humidity cut-off device
Forced air circulation for uniform temperature Audio/Visual alarms for deviations
Non Condensing steam injection type humidity system with standby heater & auto switch overs Complete with IQ, OQ, PQ & Operations & Maintenance Manual
CFC free cooling system consisting of hermetically sealed compressor coupled with evaporation coil & condenser

Power supply: 230/415 volts 50 Hz main supply. Also available with 60 Hz Cycle.
ICDAS - A Common Software suitable for 20 nos. Newtronic make equipments Door Access system (Biometric)
4pt. Temperature & Humidity Scanners Mobile Alert system
Stand by Cooling System with auto switch overs (430 litres & above) Remote alarm system suitable for 4 nos. Newtronic make equipments
Exterior & Interior is of stainless steel (SS 304) Capacity CuFt Capacity Liter Internal Size
(H*W*D )mm
External Size
(H*W*D) mm
Trays Qty. Tray size mm Approx. Weight kg Eqip Approx. Weight kg Ship
NLBI7SI 7 200 800x500x500 1350 x 630 x 945 3 430x460 150 225
NLBI16SI 16 430 1200x600x600 1795 x 630 x 945 4 530x560 250 325
NLBI26SI 26 735 1500 X 700 X 700 2050 X 895 X 1205 5 630x660 275 350
NLBI34SI 34 1000 1500x800x800 2095 x 930 x 1295 5 730x760 350 425
NLBI54SI 54 1500 1500x1600x600 2095 x 1760 x 1095 10 710x560 350 450
NLBI71SI 71 2000 1500x1600x800 2095 x 1760 x 1095 10 710x560 375 475

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