We provide Amazing Solutions

All-round service

We recognise the paramount importance of providing first class aftersales service to our customers. Our continual aim is to provide reliable research and test equipment with supporting resources to ensure long-term viability.
Our dedicated service support team is on hand to offer expert advice. We have a large team of multi-skilled service engineers with in-depth industry knowledge of refrigeration, electrical, purified water and control systems. Our engineers are regularly assessed and re-trained to ensure our commitment to service excellence.
Whether via site consultation, on-site engineer visit, telephone or email support, utilise our know-how and extensive experience within environmental simulation to enhance your business.

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to suit your needs:

  • Energy optmisation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • On-site validation
  • On-site calibration
  • Commissioning and re-commissioning
  • De-commissioning and disposal
  • Unit upgrades (on-site and return to base)
  • Relocation of test facilities
  • Photostability light mapping studies
  • Communication networking
  • Refrigerant leak inspections
  • Electrical assessments
  • Customer training
  • Active contract management
  • Complete project management
  • Technical support and advice
  • Response contracts

For further information regarding service, please click on the relevant links above for further information. Alternatively, please telephone newtronic life care equipment pvt ltd on +44 1495 305555 option 3 or email

Help and advice – for efficient laboratory processes

Does your BINDER simulation chamber need servicing or repairing? Our technical experts know the entire product range like the back of their hand and can give you expert advice on any of your technical questions. And if there is an issue, they can provide a quick solution to your problem. This means you are always in safe hands and can get back to work again quickly.
Our BINDER technical experts are happy to help you personally at any time. Just send us an e-mail or contact us via our Service Hotline. Please make sure you have all of the necessary information ready so that we can process your request as quickly as possible. This is really easy when you use the support form – using your information, we can identify the problem more precisely in advance and can send you a prompt, specific response on how to solve it.

Bespoke service – a big plus point to help you succeed

BINDER simulation chambers offer noticeable benefits when dealing with the daily challenges in the laboratory. Their outstanding performance is not just a result of our groundbreaking, German-engineered technologies but also of our first-class service. The Service package is available to our customers all over the world. You have the option of choosing a highly cost-effective and convenient service contract or you can opt for our services on an individual basis.
The international BINDER Service organization is happy to help you with ensuring permanent productivity in your laboratory – for example, by ensuring regular maintenance, providing replacement parts, validating and calibrating your unit, or carrying out repairs.

Simply register and start enjoying the benefits

When you register your BINDER climate chamber online, you can start enjoying the many benefits immediately and free of charge. To do this, all you need is the unit's serial number and your contact details, nothing else. With your exclusive customer account, you can then pick up pointers on the entire product line:

  • Easier to get in touch with us or to submit queries as your details are already entered on the form.
  • The BINDER recommended prices for products are visible.
  • Access to the BINDER white papers – without re-registration.

Know-how and training – knowledge creates a competitive edge

Along with our leading product portfolio, here at BINDER, we also offer a training program aimed at both users and our service employees and partners. Our BINDER experts, with their many years of experience, carry out the training and give the participants exclusive access to the latest technical topics from the product range.

With you in a flash – anywhere in the world

Our comprehensive Service & Support options are available to our customers all over the world. With our service points and international network of authorized service partners and dealers in 135 countries, we are where our customers are – and we are actively involved in dealing with requests from global companies, institutes, and research facilities. Our BINDER experts support and advise you personally, from the commissioning of your simulation chamber right up to the technical support.

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